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Audacious PBWT Flyer 1 - Final - Eseza M


Contact: +256772427619

At Audacious, we work with small and medium enterprise owners to help them do the right thing, and to do things right so the life span of their businesses is extended through out the growth phase to maturity. Through consulting, we carry out analyses together with the business owners to enable them correctly identify the critical challenges and internal problems that their businesses face. We support them craft and execute the most appropriate strategies for growth and profitability. Through our business coaching and business training programs, we build the skills of business owners and their teams that enable them keep the business on the growth and profitability path, even after we have concluded the training. Again, the coaching programs are customized to fill the leadership gaps of both owners and team members, while training programs are built for individual teams within organizations or for categories of participants within the market.

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